Dance Contract

Dance Participation Regulations

Dance Contract to Sign

Prior to participating in any dance sponsored by any group affiliated with Bountiful High School, students and parents must sign a Dance Contract. Anyone who violates the outlined regulations/contract will not be allowed into the Bountiful High School dance and/or will be removed from the dance. Once inside the Bountiful High School Dance, if students alter their attire and/or behavior so as to violate this contract, the offending participants will be escorted out of the dance and not be allowed to return. Students in violation of these regulations or the Dance Contract may not be allowed to attend any other dances at Bountiful High School. Ticket purchases will not be refunded. Students coming from other schools must be coupled with a Bountiful High School student and must comply with current Bountiful High School Dance expectations and regulations.


Dress that may be construed as inappropriate under this policy includes, but is not limited to:

Revealing clothing; too tight, too short, too low cut in front (revealing cleavage) or back (no lower than shoulder blades), no bare midriffs, sheer fabric where underwear, cleavage, midriff, or back is revealed, other display of undergarments.

No tops or bodices that are bare, strapless, spaghetti straps, tank tops, halter tops, or ‘razor backs’ and have bare sides (under the arm), no short shorts or skirts; shorts/skirts must be no shorter than mid‐thigh including slits.

Clothing that is extreme or slovenly (oversized, baggy, or torn jeans) or is for protest, defiance, dissent, or displays obscene, illegal substances, or suggestive words or pictures is not permitted.

For formal dances, straps on dresses or gowns must be at least two inches wide but must comply with all other standards listed above. Shawls worn around the neck do not indicate compliance as these are usually removed inside the dance. A shrug or jacket may be worn to make the dress compliant; HOWEVER, they must be left on at all times; for pictures and in the dance.

The decision made by an administrator, resource officer, dance advisor, and/or adult chaperone must be adhered to, or a student may be removed from the dance.


Students that exhibit any behavior that is inappropriate or may potentially harm them or any student around them may be removed from the dance. Behavior that is considered inappropriate under this policy includes, but is not limited to:

  • Vulgar, seductive, or inappropriate movements; "freaking", freak dancing, grinding, etc.
  • "Moshing", dancing in a "mosh pit", slamming, etc. where students are violently pushing or shoving others.
  • Crowd surfing, passing students overhead or through the crowd, etc.
  • Running through or around the dance area.

While couples are strongly encouraged at all "date dances" at Bountiful High School, no student will be denied admittance to a BHS dance if all conditions of the Dance Participation Regulations and Dance Contract have been satisfied.

Recommended attire for Dances at BHS

Formal Dances

Tuxedos, Full Suits, Formal Prom, or Ball Gowns

SemiFormal Dances

Shirts with collars, slacks, sports jackets, ties, dresses, not formal or ball gowns

Casual or Costume/Theme Dances

Attire is usually related with a theme or costume. If not, regular school dress is appropriate.