Bountiful High School Citizenship Grade 

Citizenship grades will be determined each term by the teacher. Such factors as school and class behavior, attendance, and punctuality are used to determine a student’s citizenship grade. Expectations outlined in a teacher’s course disclosure will be used to determine grades and credit. It is the responsibility of the student to adhere to the citizenship policy and teacher expectations.  

Students are not allowed to graduate, participate in extracurricular activities, including sports and class field trips or purchase a parking pass with unsatisfactory citizenship credit.  

Make-up Policy 

A “U” grade remains on the permanent record, but credit can be restored through proper citizenship make-up. Each “U” requires 2 hours of service time as determined by the citizenship secretary. ALL “U” make-up work must be pre-approved through Lisa Miller. 

Steps to make-up a “U” 

  1. The student must contact the citizenship secretary, Lisa Miller. 

  1. The first “U” must be made up by completing a module from the Citizenship Canvas course through the citizenship secretary. 

  1. Remaining “U” grades will be contracted through citizenship secretary. 

  1. Pay $5.00 fee after contract is fulfilled 

Make-up credit examples may include: 

-Donate blood during a blood drive can work off one U. 

-Students who have perfect attendance without a tardy in the SAME CLASS the next term would have one “U” made up. 

-Students who increase their GAP .5 would have one “U” made up after paying a $5.00 recording fee. 

-Complete custodial work throughout the school premises by the hour. 

-Donate 24 cans to the food drive (in the main office) can work off 1 hour. You may do this once per school term.  


Only service rendered at Bountiful High School will be accepted unless pre-approved by an administrator.  

Teachers and faculty will not sign off U make-up. All service hours must go through the citizenship secretary. 


Citizenship Secretary 

Lisa Miller 

(801) 402-3900 Ext. 23975