•Perform 2 hours of Bountiful High service with a teacher, coach or custodian. Every “U” is assessed a $5.00 fine and must be paid (in addition to the service performed) to fully clear the “U.” Community service done outside Bountiful High School will not be accepted. The service must be done with the teacher who gave the “U” or with another teacher but approved and signed by the issuing teacher.

•Receive two hours of math tutoring!

•Attend Parent/Teacher Conference with a parent. Have each teacher sign a copy of your schedule next to their name for verification. Return the schedule to Mrs. Stout = 1 cleared U!”

Increase your GPA .5 after the following term a “U” was issued. No more than one “U” can be cleared this way.

•Have perfect attendance without tardies in the same class the next term and have one “U” cleared.

•Receiving an “H” (Honor) in a class would make up a “U” in the same class if “H” appears on the report card following the term the “U” was given.

•24 CANS of food clears one “U” – NO RAMEN NOODLE PACKAGES OR CUP-A-SOUP! Donating cans may only be used to make up two “U”s per term.

•For every .25 of credit recovery accomplished through GradPoint or Northridge Learning Center, one “U” will be cleared.

Please come talk to me in Room 316 if you have questions.

-Peg Stout