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Career and Technology Education -- CTE

Janice Killian

picture of Janice Killian

Janice Killian
Career and Technical Education Coordinator
(801) 402-3924

Kathryn McCann

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Kathryn McCann
Career and Technical Education Technician
(801) 402-3921

Concurrent Enrollment List

University # Credits  Course#

WSU*             3*     ART 1030
WSU*****       3       AT 2175
WSU*****       3       AT 2300
WSU******     3       AUSV 1000
WSU******     3       AUSV 1120
WSU******     3       AUSV 1320
WSU*            3       COMM 2110
WSU*              3       CS 1010
WSU****         3*     ENGL1010
WSU****         3*     ENGL 1010
WSU******      3**   ENTR 1002
WSU*****        3      FRCH 1010
WSU*****        3      FRCH 1020
WSU*****        3      FRCH 2010
WSU*****        3      GRMN 1020
WSU*****        3      GRMN 2010 
WSU*****        3*    HIST 1700
WSU*****        2      HTHS 1101
WSU*****        3      HTHS 1120
WSU*              3      IDT 1010
WSU               4      MATH 1010
WSU*              4      MATH 1030
WSU***           4*     MATH 1050
WSU*****        3*     NUTR 1020
WSU              3       NUTR 1240  
WSU******      3       PS 1303
WSU******      3       PS 1403
WSU*****       3      SPAN 1020
WSU*****       3      SPAN 2010
WSU******      3      WEB 1700        

BHS Course Name        Teacher

Drawing 1                       Magee
Exer Sci Spt Med           Smith
Emergency Med Responder    Smith
Intro to Automotive        Winkler
Auto Service Engine MLR       Winkler
Auto Serv.Eng.MLR-Electrical  Winkler
Communications 2110            Gardner
Gaming Development Fund.   Wolff
CE English 1010        Sweat/Whiting
CE  English 2010               Sweat/Whiting
Entrepreneurship CE              Paige
French 2                                Hall
French 3                                Hall
French 4 or 5                        Hall
German 3                            Plank
German 4                           Plank
US History 2 Honors CE           Harris
Med Anatomy/Physiology         Ryujin
Med Anatomy/Physiology         Ryujin
Interior Design II                    Lewis
CE Math 1010                          Austin
Quantitative Reasoning 1030    Larsen
CE College Alg 1050                Austin
Foundations of Nutrition         Keaton
Culinary Arts CE                     Keaton
Marketing 2 CE                      Paige
Customer Service CE               Paige
Spanish 3                        Nelson
Spanish 4                        Nelson
Business Office Specialist        Stringfellow 

*Course fulfills general education requirement

***Students must complete Secondary Math I, II, and III with "C" or better course grade in each class.  

***WSU require MATH 1050 students to have an ACT Math Score of 23 or better as well as a 3.0 or better cumulative GPA on their high school transcript

****Students are required to have an  ACT English andReading Score of 20 or better as well as a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better ontheir high school transcript.

*****Students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better on their high school transcript.

******Students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better on their high school transcript.

Sophomores are able to earn credit in the AUSV Courses as well as Foreign Language Courses. 
Link to USOE Master List:  (how credit can be used within program) is found at this link:


 WSU– Weber State University

***NOTE:  Concurrent Enrollment credit may be unavailable with little prior notice as teacher and course requirements from the University and State Office of Education change on a continual basis.  If not enough students enroll for WSU Credit the University will not offer WSU credit and will refund the tuition only.  The admission fee will not be refunded.

Proposed List of BHS CE and AP Courses for 2018-2019

CTE Courses

Business and Marketing

Accounting 1
Accounting 2
Business Management 
Business Office Specialist
Computer Technology 
Customer Service CE 
Digital Business Applications
Entrepreneurship CE
Marketing 2 CE
Sports & Entertainment Marketing
Travel & Hospitality


Family and Consumer Science

Adult Roles & Responsibilities
Apparel Design & Production 1
Apparel Design & Production II 
Child Development
Culinary Arts CE
Early Childhood Education 1A
1B Early Childhood Education 
Early Childhood Education II(Center)
Fashion Design Studio
Food / Nutrition I
Food / Nutrition II
Foundations of Nutrition
Interior Design 1
Textile Design Entrepreneurship 

Health Science

Introduction to Health Science
Medical Anatomy & Physiology
Exercise Science/Sports Medicine
Emergency Medical Responder

Information Technology 

3 D Graphics/Modeling
3D Animation
AP Computer Science Principles
Computer Programming 1A
Computer Programming 1B
Computer Science Principles 
Exploring Computer Science 
Multi Media 1A, 1B Des/Dev
Multi Media 2A, 2B Prod

Skilled and Technical

ASE Automotive Service Engine MLR Electrical
Automotive Service Engine MLR
Basic Digital Photography
Commercial Photography
Intro to Automotive Service 

Work-Based Learning

CTE Internship Student 
Workplace Skills/Internship

CTE Pathways

CTE Pathways Program Information link:
Utah State CTE Pathway Information

 This link will show you the current pathways offered here at BHS for the 2017-2018 school year:

  BHS CTE Pathways 2017-2018

CE Documents

Davis Tech Information

Students who are interested in attending Davis Tech need to get a transmittal from Mrs. Killian in the Counseling Center.  Students who attend the Davis Tech are not allowed to get a transmittal if they have "U's" on their Citizenship Grade that have not been cleared up.  Students who have less than a 3.0 GPA are required to pass an entrance exam in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics.  Before students come to get a transmittal it is a good idea to go up to Davis Tech and take a tour of Davis Tech and speak with someone from the department that you are interested in attending.  If you are looking for information about Davis Tech Programs please visit the Davis Tech Website at: www.davistech.edu click on the Programs tab and choose a program for information regarding fees, books and supplies, admission requirements, length of program, course requirements, course description etc.  You are welcome to set up an appointment with Mrs. Killian to visit with her regarding your options at Davis Tech
Student Services up at the Davis Tech can set you up with a tour of Davis Tech for interested Parents and Students.

The Mission of Career and Technical Education (CTE) is to create Pathways to success for every secondary student by providing him or her with the technical skills and academic knowledge needed to prepare for future employment and/or a successful transition to post-secondary education.

The Areas of Study at BHS are:

BHS CTE Pathways 2017-2018

BHS CTE Pathways 2018-2019

Students in Career and Technical Education have the opportunity to participate in Career and Technical Student Organizations(CTSO's), thus engaging in leadership activities as an integral part of the instructional program. The CTSO's here at BHS are: DECA, FCCLA, HOSA, and TSA