Junior High

High School


Credit Options


 *Bountiful High Gradpoint computer program: See your counselor for a referral form to make up any failing grades you have earned.  Link to Gradpoint
***UTAH STUDENTS CONNECT (Free during school year / $50 per quarter credit during summer): http://www.utahstudentsconnect.org  Similar to Electronic High School. You can go to this website for more information. If would like to sign up please see your school counselor to get enrolled. 


***BYU Independent Study ($156-$263) per half credit: elearn.byu.edu


***BYU Independent Study Best Value Classes ($56 per half credit, elective credit): elearn.byu.edu


***Northridge Learning Center ($55 per quarter credit): http://www.northridgelearningcenter.com

(801) 776-4532


*         Make-up Only

**        Original Only

***      Make-up or Original