NCAA Eligibility

Students planning to participate in college athletics must meet NCAA academic requirements.

If you plan to play a sport in college, you should register with the NCAA Eligibility Center. Students should register with the Eligibility Center after the completion of their junior year in high school. At this time, a transcript, which includes six semesters of grades, should be sent to the clearinghouse from the high school. Additionally, students should have their SAT or ACT test scores forwarded directly to the clearinghouse whenever they take the exam. The code to have your test scores sent directly to the Eligibility Center is 9999. You should consult with your school counselor as you start this process for further information and details.

As a prospective student-athlete at a Division I, II or III institution, you have certain responsibilities to attend to before you may participate. Information concerning who needs to register with the Eligibility Center and what documents should be submitted can be found at the following web site: