CTE Career and Technical Education

Janice Killian 
CTE Coordinator

Kathryn McCann

Kathryn McCann
CTE Secretary
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Areas of Study


Bountiful High School does not offer Agriculture Courses.  More information about an Agriculture pathway can be found at the state website listed below:


Business & Marketing

Here are the list of classes offered at BHS:

Accounting 1

Accounting 2

Business Law

Business Office Specialist

Business Management CE

CE Marketing

Digital Business Technologies

Entrepreneurship CE 

Hospitality & Tourism

Sports and Entertainment Marketing

Web Development 1A

Family and Consumer Sciences

Here is the list of Family and Consumer Science Courses taught at BHS:

Adult Roles & Responsibilities

Apparel Design and Production I

Apparel Design and Production II

Child Development

Early Childhood Education 1A

Early Childhood Education 1B

Early Childhood Education 2(Center)

Food/Nutrition 1

Food/Nutrition 2

Food Service/Culinary Arts

Foundations of Nutrition

Interior Design 1

Interior Design 2 CE

Textile Design Entrepreneurship


Health Sciences

Here is the list of Health Sciences courses taught at BHS:

Emergency Medical Responder

Exercise Science/Sports Medicine

Intro to Health Science

Medical Anatomy & Physiology


Information Technololgy

Here is the list of Information Technology Courses that are taught at BHS:

3D Animation

3D Graphic/Modeling

CE Computer Programming 1

CE Computer Science Principles

Digital Media 1A

Digital Media 1B

Digital Media II

Exploring Computer Science

Gaming Development Fundamentals


Skilled and Technical Sciences

Here is a list of Skilled and Technical courses taught at BHS:

ASE Automotive Service Chassis MLR Brakes--this is taught Fall of 2018

ASE Automotive Service Chassis MLR Suspension--this is taught Spring of 2019

ASE Automotive Service Engine (Electrical) --this is taught Fall of 2019

ASE Automotive Service Engine --this is taught Spring of 2020

Digital Photography

Technology and Engineering

We currently do not offer any Technology and Engineering Courses at Bountiful High School.  Our students magnet over to Viewmont High School or Woods Cross to attend Engineering Courses.  Here is a link to the state website for more information on Technology and Engineering: