Students desiring to park a car in Bountiful High parking lots must purchase a parking permit. Annual parking permits will be sold to students for $5.00.

Permit must be visible at all times while parking on the BHS lot.
Due to limited parking, BHS Parking Passes will only be available for purchase to the following:
   Juniors and Seniors--NO Sophomores
   Students with NO U's
   Students with NO fees from previous years owing

Parking Permits can be purchased in the Main Business Office beginning August 15th. Students can fill form out at the school.

Park only in designated spaces allowed by the permit. DO NOT PARK in Faculty, Visitor, Handicap, Day Care, Seminary, Bus Zones and Fire Lanes. Students whose vehicles are parked crooked across the stalls will be ticketed. Bountiful High School is not responsible for damage or loss to student property. Please lock your vehicle at all times.