Students who desire to park a car in Bountiful High parking lots must purchase a parking permit.  Students must buy a parking permit each semester.  Students can fill out the BHS Parking Contract here (click here to fill out online Contract). 

Below you will find all of the information students will need to answer and/or agree to when filling out the parking contract:


Student ID#, Student Last Name, Student First Name, Student Grade, Which Semester?

Vehicle information (Make, Model, License Plate # & Color)

Parking Policies you agree to:

Purchasing a parking permit does not guarantee a parking space.

BHS is not responsible for any damages caused to, or property stolen from a student vehicle parked at the school.  Please lock your vehicle at all times.

Any juniors or seniors that purchase a parking permit for a sophomore will have their permit revoked, lose the privilege of purchasing a future parking permit and will receive a citation.

Parking permits are the property of BHS and CANNOT be sold or transferred.  If you are found to have sold, duplicated or transferred your permit, you will lose your privilege to park in the BHS lots, receive an administrative “U” and your vehicle may be towed or booted.

Parking permit must be surrendered if requested.

I hereby grant permission to the school to inspect my vehicle if school officials believe it to be necessary and I will fully cooperate.

The parking permit must be placed on the rearview mirror, with the permit number facing the front of the vehicle and it must be visible.  Failure to do so will result in a citation.

Even if the student has purchased a permit, if they fail to properly display the permit, they will receive a citation.

Students must remove their vehicle from the driving range by 2:30 pm EVERY DAY.  Failure to do so will result in a citation, booting or towing.

Students with parking permits must park in un-marked stalls located in the north and south parking lots.

Students may not park in staff parking stalls which are marked with a NUMBER or “STAFF”.   Students may not park in “Visitor Parking” in front of the school or in the “Day Care Drop Off” stalls.  Parking in these stalls will result in a citation.

Student parking in a HANDICAP stall or FIRE LANE (red curb) will be given a $25.00 PARKING FINE, may be booted or towed, and may receive an additional ticket from Bountiful City.

Each citation will result in a $15.00 fine.

After 3 parking citations, violating students will receive an Administrative “U”.

After 4 parking citations, violating students will have their vehicle booted (boot fine is an additional $25.00).

After 5 parking citations, violating students will have the vehicle towed at their own expense.

If a citation is not paid within 10 school days of when the citation was issued, a $10.00 late fee will be added to the citation.

A new parking permit must be purchased each semester.  (Different in appearance).

Students with “U’s” cannot purchase a parking permit.

All outstanding fees on student account must be paid in order to purchase a BHS parking permit.

To complete the purchase of your permit, you will need to pay $5.00 online through myDSD or pay in the main office.  Once you have paid for the permit, the office staff will verify that you have completed the online application and double check that you do not have any “U’s” or fees.  You will then be given your parking permit.  Replacement for a lost or stolen permit is $5.00.  Thank you for applying for a BHS parking permit.