Senior All-Night Party Information

Senior All Night Party Flyer

Parents of Bountiful High School Seniors,

Your students are amazing and working hard toward graduation!  Bountiful High School, and the BHS community, have a long tradition of helping to make their graduation memorable.  For over 25 years, our BHS community has helped plan, sponsor, volunteer for and donate to the All-Night Party for graduating seniors.  This tradition began as a way to keep our students safe from drugs, alcohol and potential drunk drivers. Over time, it’s become a safe space for our students to celebrate all they have accomplished with friends and classmates they’ve come to know and love along the way.

Bountiful seniors look forward to the All-Night Party for its activities, food, games and prizes.

In order to make this event possible, we need your help and support.  Please visit the All-Night Party event web site,, for links where you can:

·      Donate Cash:

·      Donate through Amazon Wish List:

·      Purchase tickets:


Thank you so much for raising such amazing kids. We are so inspired by them! And, thank you again, for your support as we provide our seniors a Redhawk night to remember!