SIR - Student Intervention and Remediation



Bountiful High School’s goal is to provide the opportunity for all to learn.  As part of the school’s efforts to offer learning for all, BHS has provided built in remediation/review/enrichment time into its daily schedule.    


Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday:  Students have 30 minutes of SIR built into the schedule where they can meet with teachers to seek additional help.  During this time, teachers are in their classrooms and available for students.  ALL students are welcome to visit teachers during this time. 

Teachers may also summon a student.  Students are responsible to check the website/app ( to see if they have been summoned.  Computers are available in the library, tech center, and office if a student needs to check his or her SIR Summons at school. 

SIR App Download Insturctions

SIR Instructional Video

Core classes will have priority when summoning students.  If a student does not follow up on a summons, they will receive a truancy.  Students do not have to be summoned in order to take advantage of this time. 

Teachers may set up their SIRs to meet the needs of their individual students.  Teachers may specify days that are set aside for specific practices.  For example, a teacher may have a specific day they want to give retakes on tests or quizzes or a specific day they will reteach a topic.  Students need to be aware what their teachers’ SIR procedures are.  

Tuesday:  Late Start Schedule.  There will be no SIR on this day.