Principal Message

Aaron Hogge

Bountiful High School is a great place to “B.”  Our core belief is that learning should be the focus, as students, parents and faculty.  We are committed to the notion that all students can learn – Learning First.  We pride ourselves on being a great environment for students to excel.  At times, failure can be a great learning tool and believe that this is a safe environment in which to fail safely. 
The Bountiful High School Mission Statement
“In partnership with parents and community, Bountiful High School will foster educational excellence in a safe and nurturing environment where all students will be empowered to acquire skills, knowledge, values, and a commitment to lifelong learning necessary to contribute and adapt to a diverse and changing world.”
We invite all to commit to excellence in your educational, emotional, athletic and social goals.  Bountiful High School is a great place to “B” all you can “B.”